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Taking the leap! September 17, 2007

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I’m engaged…to my new blog.  Although something I have promised myself to do for a couple of years now, I am officially going to take the leap!

Ok, so the engagement…well, for me, this will be a little bit like maintaining a marriage, you need some time to get used to it, you need a lot of commitment, understanding, there will be times of joy, times of sadness, and times of course when the effort seems like more than the payoff.  So without further ado…let’s move right into the ceremony!

Unknown Voice:  Gina, do you take this blog to be your lawfully wedded journal outlet?

Me:  I do…kinda, I can be unmotivated and lazy at times…OK…I do!

Unknown voice:  Do you promise to be faithful?

Me:  Sure…um…I mean…I’ll try…I am a mother of five!  So I will write as often as I can…I do!

Unknown Voice:  Do you promise to be true?

Me:  Uh…Duh…why would I lie to myself? 

Unknown Voice:  In Good times and in Bad?

Me:  That’s when I will need you the most…I do!

Unknown Voice:  Until death parts you?

Me:  Whose death?  Mine or …?  Ok, I do!

Unknown Voice:  I now pronounce you Blog and Writer.  You may kiss the keyboard?

Me:  Smaaaack!  (kissing keyboard)

Wow, that’s it, a new blog is born!  Hey, where’s that voice coming from anyway?  Oh well, I should probably add the disclaimer…I cuss a lot…if that’s a problem for anyone, then you shouldn’t be here, cuz this is my blog and I can cuss if I want to…and also…that’s how I roll.

A look at myself:

I am a wife to one great husband, mother to five great kids, photographer, manager, taxi cab driver, accountant, referee, housekeeper, inventory specialist, clothes washer, supervisor, friend, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, and the list probably goes on…

The things I love to do in life:

Spending time with my family #1


Flower gardening (fairly new to this one, but loving it)


Watching hockey (I tried to play once…on a hangover…bad…very bad) we’ll leave it at that.



Beer drinkin’…what?  It’s a sport…isn’t it?

Bowling badly…although it has been proven, beer+bowling=better scores and lot’s of fun!

Darts…I love darts…it goes with drinking beer also

My philosophy in life…God doesn’t want me to have it easy, so smile and make the best of it! 

That’s it for today, talk to you tomorrow new blog homies!

Oh wait, I don’t have any of those yet!

Will I get some….oooh the suspense!


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