Life’s short…

Motivation…it eludes me September 19, 2007

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So much to do…so little time.

#1  I should keep working on the ever lovin’ website that has been down for 6 months…I know…six months…shut up!

#2  I could clean the house for tomorrow since I have a sitting in the morning…don’t feel like it.  maybe the kids will do it.

#3  I have a really pressing secret project to do…by it’ll hurt…so I don’t want to.

#4  I should format my camera and get the studio ready for tomorrow…but ultimately I know I will do it in the morning, 10 minutes before the customers get here…because I am good like that.

#5  I think I will work on the really desparately needed pedicure, because it sounds like way more fun and way more relaxing and also…


NASTY!  SOMEBODY HELP!  Nevermind the toe hair…I am an Italian without a razor…temporarily.  I also have to go to Target!


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