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Panties…to be or not to be. September 21, 2007

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Earlier this summer, my niece came to get my overly smart, and totally logical, six year old Madison to go to the zoo, I handed Madison an adorable outfit to change into, which she proceeded to do, right there, on the spot, in the kitchen (modesty isn’t her best quality).  With all of us standing there including my nieces’ husband, Madison bares her little rump shaker, and there was silence…until I said:  Mad dog, where are your panties?  She replies:  I don’t wear them, I don’t like them, they itch and give me a rash on my legs, and why do I need them anyway, they don’t do anything?  Well…she has a point…and so time passed, apparently, without her father knowing about this incident.  SO, yesterday morning, she was getting ready for school, dressing in the living room this time, OFF flies the nightgown revealing once again that little rump shaker amongst other, um, unmentionable things… my husband lets out a huge gasp, and then says:  Madison, where are your panties?  She replies innocently with:  I don’t wear any, I don’t like them, they are uncomfortable…she continues to plead her case with him as I stand silently in the kitchen, trying hard not to burst out laughing.  He glares at me and says:  this is all your fault.  Now, first of all, let me explain…I have never, I repeat, NEVER, told my children that it is ok to not wear panties, I also never told them that they had to, it never occurred to me that this would ever be an issue, I cannot discipline six year old logic that makes sense, and quite honestly, I do not believe there is yet a law stating that panties must be worn by all, at all times, and who would know if she were or weren’t?  The panty police? Doubt it.  A sex crazed first grade little boy?  Is there such a thing?  Do you think the teacher will notice?  Would she care?  Secondly…I have to agree with her…I do not like any of the things for which panties do:  restrict, confine, leave hideous and unsightly creases on ones ass, making for a not very attractive look.  I know, that’s what thongs are for…really? Cuz they hurt my crack and don’t serve any purpose other than being a sexy thing, and only if they are strategically placed slightly above ones waistband in plain sight for the world to see… and if one has too much back fat…it’s no longer erotic but absolutely disgusting…and should be, in my book, ILLEGAL!  eeewwwee!  And also gross…and yes I do know these things.  Thirdly…not that you all need to know, but…you guessed it…sue me.

Onto the next subject, which would be my accomplishments after the lack of motivation:

#1 I did get the house cleaned…by myself.

#2  Secret project…done…OUCH!

#3  Camera formatted…studio ready…and not 10 minutes before the sitting.

#4  Toe mayhem resolved!  (See photo below)

#5 Snap from awesome photoshoot yesterday…nothing more precious than a newborn.

No…as a matter of fact, I did not get anything done on the website yesterday…baby steps people…baby steps!

Toes Revived


5 Responses to “Panties…to be or not to be.”

  1. territerri Says:

    We can talk about the secret projects on here?

  2. mommy2five Says:

    LOL! Seriously…no one else knows what the secret projects are. That’s why it’s secret…duh!

  3. […] up the stairs without saying a word to change his clothes, and my six year old daughter Madison (remember her?  The overly smart and logical child?) says “Well duh mom, he IS color blind.”  This is the exact moment that I shriveled up into a […]

  4. John Burrows Says:

    I’m a bloke from down underI stopped wearing underwear about 1951.
    Ithink It’s a lot more healthy.

  5. Gratuerma Says:

    Unadulterated words, some authentic words dude. Thanks for makin my day!!

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