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Ice cream eatin’ fools September 27, 2007

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Ok, so this is an actual conversation, held at the GYM, last night with the hubby, after 20 minutes on the treadmill and another fifteen spent pushing and pulling various hunks of metal with pulleys and heavy weights.

Me:  I am leaving, I have to go to ghetto Walmart, remember?

Him:  Oh yeah.

Me:  What was I suppose to get again? Cuz I left that list I wrote on the desk at home.

Him:  I don’t remember.

Me:  Wait, I know, butter, water, toothpaste…and there was something else…Baggies!

Him:  Oh yeah.

Me:  I feel like there was something else?

Him:  I don’t know…wait candy!

Me:  What kind of candy do you want?

Him:  Something to go with ice cream.

Me:  Well do we have enough ice cream?

Him:  We do for tonight!

Me:  Well I will get some more, I don’t want to have to go back to ghetto Walmart tomorrow night too.

Him:  Right.

Me:  I will meet you back at home then.

Him: K, bye!

Me:  Bye!

 Yes, that’s right, we have been known to actually make special trips, late at night, to get ice cream.  We eat it every night…in bed.  Did you know it has been proven that ice cream makes heartburn go away?  It’s true!  No really, it is, WE have proven it, TRUST US!  And yes we also work out at the gym most every night, (except for our summer sabbatical, which I may elaborate on someday).  So I know you are asking, why do these two obviously not very health concious ice cream eatin’ goofballs, work out?  Well, it’s totally logical, so we can eat ice cream in bed every night…DUH!  (Although, I should probably tell you that’s really the only not healthy habit we have, well maybe the beer drinkin’ one isn’t too healthy either…and maybe…well, on that note, I gotta run!)


One Response to “Ice cream eatin’ fools”

  1. territerri Says:

    Liar! (hehehe… you know I love you!)

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