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Call the fashion police! There has been a violation! September 27, 2007

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All righty then…

I got up earlier than usual this morning as I had to shower before I took my daughter to school, (not typical, I usually drive her in my jammies, cuz I am cool like that).  I showered, dropped her off, came back home, brushed Madison’s hair, made Jack change his clothes…twice…(it’s picture day, and no the green t-shirt sportin’ “is it recess yet?” is not appropriate and didn’t you wear THAT one last year for pictures?) I finally got those two out the door on their way to school and it’s 8:05am, whew!  A quick cup of coffee, and now I will quick get an entry in on the blog so my fans…ehem…friends don’t yell at me for not doing so.  There, entry done, 9:28am, two minutes to spare, gotta get to Uncle Jims memorial at Fort Snelling by 10:00am, (my dad gets pissed when anyone is late for anything, don’t want to get yelled at again).  I’m off!  I get to the stop light just before the cemetery and realize…I.FORGOT.TO.CHANGE.MY.SHOES…SHIT!  Too late to go back now.  That’s right, forgive me Uncle Jim, I wore my slippers to your funeral!  SORRY, I am really sorry.  Where is my friggen head?  I put my dress shoes by the door because I was going to slip them on on my way out.  What a moron.  Now most of you don’t know this about me (yet), but I AM the freakin’ fashion police, and I will point out the fact that official funeral going attire is something like this:

Black pin stripy pants

Exhibit A:


Grey ribbed henley button up sweater with black cami underneath (all from my favorite dress clothes store Express)

Exhibit B:


And to finish it off a cute pair of black dress shoes

Exhibit C:


I however…did the unthinkable

Exhibit D:


Thank the Lord for small miracles, Uncle Jim was an old man and I don’t think the elderly attendees, or the bugler, or the 21 gun salute guys, or the Zuhrah Shriner guys, or my relatives, or the pastor even noticed.  So, lesson learned, don’t leave home without the appropriate shoes, I am still alive, whatever.


4 Responses to “Call the fashion police! There has been a violation!”

  1. territerri Says:

    You kill me! I can’t believe YOU did that! You mean to tell me you didn’t have a few extra pairs of shoes in the truck that might have worked? That’s it. You are seriously in need of some stress relief. Meet me at Express. STAT!

  2. mommy2five Says:

    LOL! I am so there! And no, I don’t have any extra pairs of shoes in my truck, did you see my truck? My OCD won’t allow it!

  3. hoodia gordonii

    Nice blog.

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