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EEK! September 30, 2007

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GAH!  It’s Saturday.  I.AM.BORED.  I have also been on the phone with Terri…ALL DAY! (wait…I am totally not saying your are in any way shape or form boring BFF!)  We have surfed the net and have found many many interesting things today…this (you must have a myspace login, but it’s totally worth it!)…which I know is scary and means nothing to you, but I know her, and didn’t know about her “new” life after the divorce, that’s right she has six kids with the husband, and is now divorced from him, and apparently lost more of her freakin’ mind than she had lost before.  Anyway, we found ourselves making comments like:  EEEK!  What the HeLL is that?  OMG!  That is so not her real body!  Look at her head!  It’s like a totally different color than her body!  What on earth is her friend wearing in that one picture?  Which one picture?  They are all scary!  That is so for sure Photoshopped!  We laughed and giggled with immaturiness for a good long time over that one!  Oh geez, I  think i am just rambling now.  LOL!   I should go to the grocery store…don’t feel like it…I could go take a shower…don’t feel like it (really don’t feel like it cuz I have nowhere fun to go cuz my BFF IS STUCK AT HOME TONIGHT!)  BFF, you should get rid of your stuckiness…so we can go do something superfantastically stupid and fun like crawl through holes in bathroom doors at local bowling alleys so we have something super fun and cool and really stupid to blog about on Monday and make all the internet people laugh…cuz that’s fun and stuff.  COME ON!  PLEASE?  Oh well I think I am hungry…I think I should go find something to eat…


5 Responses to “EEK!”

  1. terri Says:

    You are right. We haven’t crawled through any holes in doors lately. We really should go out! I am working on ridding myself of the stuckiness!

  2. Beej Says:

    So YOU’RE the one who convinced Terri to crawl through that hole…hmmm…

  3. mommy2five Says:

    Beej…I plead the fifth!

  4. mommy2five Says:

    Hi Mahala, thanks for stopping by!

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