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The Hangover is so worth it! October 1, 2007

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It seems as though my really boring Saturday proved differently in the end.  It all started with this:

Look!  The dinner of champions, 3 eggs, 2 pieces of french bread toast (heavily buttered), huge pile roast beef hash, and a Coors Light on the side!  It’s not just for breakfast anymore.

Theory is…if I eat enough for dinner, I will inevitably be able to ingest a whole lot more alcohol.  That’s a great idea!  Alrighty then…let’s go with that!So the pre game show consisted of a shower, lots of primping, and…3 beers… Party on party people!  Let’s go to the game! 

 We ventured HERE first, where apparently it was the bars 6th anniversary party and they let anyone in who wanted to attend.  No cover=questionable clientele.     A couple more beers amongst too many less than thin sweaty inebriated people rubbing up against me too many times, way annoying and also gross. GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE PEEPS!  I am suffering from yucky rubbiness!  So we left and went to the local dive bar Buggs where way more funness occurred.   Tons more consumption of this and some dart throwing, a little karaoke singing…as I recall…renditions of Reba McEntire and some B52’s Love Shack, the rest is a little foggy, I think there may have been a little Pussy Cat Dollin’ too…maybe…I can’t be for sure.  Then these two showed up, I nearly fell off of my stool laughing, cuz you see, it sparked the memory of the whole Bowling Alley/silly drunk girls crawl through small holes incident…and also this.  At which point the whole sex therapy talky stuff started in again and we got caught up on how things were going for them with that whole deal and since Terri wasn’t there I offered more I am sure highly useful sex advice.  Of course this is the point I felt the overwhelming urge to text Terri and fill her in on the update…what?…it was only 12:30am…duh.  I just couldn’t help myself.  LOL!  Look, as I write this I am LMAO again!  There is just something about giving sex advice to people we don’t even know in a bar that makes me giggle my damn ass off.  I may grow up someday…really. 

Well, after the 12th…um…er…I meant 2nd, beer…we closed down the joint and headed off to bed…the rest is history…and also none of your business…I rock like that!


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