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Walmart Sucks October 21, 2007

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It never ceases to amaze me, the sincere lack of intelligence that creeps through our Walmart.

I had a return, which is almost like a death sentence.  As I waited in the line at the customer service desk, all of two people deep, I had a conversation with the lady in line behind me.  We were simply chatting about the 15 minute wait in a line two people deep and how it would be very beneficial to that store to get a couple of extra people there to wait on customers more efficiently.  As we complained to each other (me sighing and rolling my eyes every couple of minutes, never mind the unconscious foot tapping…I swear I don’t do it on purpose…what?…I don’t) about the lack of service and how dirty the store is and how poor the management has always seemed to be…my turn finally came… 

I stepped up to the customer service rep who was apparently listening in on our not so quiet conversation and she says…and I quote: “Yeaahhh, I’ma gonna get me back into some schooolin so’s I can get me some of that there business and manager type a degrees, so’s I can come backs to here’s and turn this here place around.” 

Sincerely befuddled by the grammer, I put my head down towards the counter and once again rolled my eyes, giggled to myself just a little under my breath, and thought…maybe you shoulds get you’s some of that there grammer schoolin first!

Which then reminds me of reason number approximately 8 gagillion, why I hate the place with all of my heart…I know you are asking why do you still torment yourself by even pulling into the parking lot?  It’s the closest “get everything done” kinda store we have here, and the prices are a lot cheaper um er more reasonable than Target, and I am really frugal like that.  I probably spend somewhere around $400 every two weeks on the essentials of living like groceries, and toiletries and such for this lovely family of seven, plus the four and a half pound dog.  When I buy the same overflowing cart full of things at Target it ends up costing at least $100+ more.  I can’t bring myself to “waste” that kind of cash twice a month just for the sake of my sanity, therefore I continue to torture myself and go to what has been lovingly referred to by the local folk for the past five years since it opened as “Ghetto Walmart”.  Oh well, maybe I will win the lottery tonight and hire someone to do all of my shopping for me.  What?  It could happen!


10 Responses to “Walmart Sucks”

  1. Rick Says:

    What?! I thought we had the only Wal-Mart like that. 😉 You need to mention how they carry an item you like for one week and then stop carrying it! AARRGGHH!!!

  2. Herb Says:

    Well, you are the kind of customer that will keep them afloat until somebody better comes along. It happened to K-Mart and others before, and it will happen to these guys, too. It’s shameful behavior in a customer service environment. We have 5 Wal-Marts in our town, plus towns close enough to drive to if a person felt the need, so it’s a little different. I only buy at Wal-Mart what I know I can’t get cheaper anywhere else, but it still adds up…

  3. Wolfbernz Says:

    OMG… Maybe it’s part of the company policy to talk in this manner.
    It’s the same here in Seaford Delaware.
    Did she have Teeth?

  4. Big Daddy Hessinger Says:

    Whenever I hear about those poor Wal-Mart workers, I always sing the blues.

  5. Scavenger Says:

    I hate Wallyworld. Standing in line for ages at the checkout is no fun. And it happens all the time, even when shoppers are few.
    Wallyworld is pathetic.

  6. themedingers Says:

    Be glad you have a Walmart! Seriously…..I used to feel the same way, but it beats NO STORES AT ALL where we are at right now!! 😮

  7. BobG Says:

    I have only been to Walmart two or three times in my life; just looking at the people in the parking lot tends to make me shy away. Inside always makes me think of a poorly maintained hillbilly zoo.

  8. OMG, do we shop at the same one? I am in the same boat as you. I have 3 kids and I have to shop there. It sucks. I dread the parking lot alone. Am I going to get shot or hit on? I never know? Then all the germs, smelly and rude people in the store. And oh its forbidden, if the kids and to use the restroom!

  9. Jerry Says:

    This is my wal-mart story, I don’t have many as I refuse to shop there but this is the one I have.

    Every school year the newspaper here does a little comparison shopping, they buy school supplies at Albertsons, King Soopers (a kroger store) Wal-Greens, Target, K-Mart and Wal-Mart.

    The last 2 times I’ve seen this, K-Mart was the cheapest (not by much), with Wal-MArt and Target a close second and third, not always in that order.

    Wal-Greens and Rite Aide (I think) were by far the most expensive.

    Also them Wal-mart managers earn over six figures, that would treat me right.

  10. stu Says:

    I’ve decided that I’m finally done shopping at Wal-mart. I had a few revelations come to me as I spent 20 minutes standing in the Customer Service line to get back the $8.37 I had been overcharged on the very same frozen foods that were now melting away in the shopping cart behind me. Under normal circumstances, they would already be in my home freezer by then. The irritating thing is that this happens so frequently at Wal-mart.
    Sure, I was going to get my money back, but was the hassle really worth saving a nickel on 2 pounds of bananas? My “savings” certainly wouldn’t cover the cost in gas for a return trip if I hadn’t found the error until I got home.
    This particular Wal-mart also has these annoying little stickers on the registers reminding me that plastic bags are an environmental hazard, and I should opt to go “bagless” if possible. Hey! Wasn’t Wal-mart one of the places that foisted the damn things on us in the first place? I know that *I* never asked for them.
    Then, they seem to be trying to “herd” customers through the Self-Checkout registers by reducing the number of actual Cashiers on duty. The last time I tried to self-checkout, I had so much trouble that the lone cashier decided to ring-up my 5 items for me, and wound up having just as much trouble as I did – and she KNEW what she was doing! I wasted about ten minutes because I was in a hurry and didn’t want to spend ten minutes waiting in line.
    That’s when it occurred to me that Sunflower Market, Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s all have real Cashiers, and provide paper bags upon request. Their produce is also fresher and generally lower priced, (Wal-marts prices really aren’t that great, anyway). Some things do cost more, but the quality is worth it. I also renewed my Costco membership at a premium price (I missed my company discount deadline). I figure it’s $50 that Wal-mart would have overcharged me over the next year anyway. After that, I’ll save about 10%, and Costco doesn’t use bags at all! They recycle their empty boxes by packing your groceries in them.

    Sam Walton lived the Great American Dream. I wonder if it would upset him to see that dream has been replaced by Corporate Greed?

    Thanks for letting me rant.

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