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Pumpkins and hippies and robbers…OH MY! November 2, 2007

I know, I know, I haven’t posted…you try having three kids in hockey, one that is moving out, a dog with an ear infection, a job, Halloween on a weeknight complete with a teengage Halloween party

(My kid is on the far right of the second pic.) (FYI, this is only about a third of what was here, I couldn’t fit them all in)

that consisted of the entire 10th grade and then some…and then there is the part where there just wasn’t anything more exciting to write about than last weekends party that we got drunk at attended cuz I am positive you do not want to hear about how I drive back and forth to the hockey rink fourteen gagillion times a week…well that is nothing interesting until yesterday…

I arrived at work at 8:25 am, walked all the way to the back door which had a sign on it that said…use front door…damn it!  No, the sign didn’t say “damn it”…I did.   I then had to walk all the way the heck back around the big hugenormous building to the front to get in, all the while cussing because we live in MINNESOTA PEOPLE!  Do you know it’s freakin’ frigid ass cold in the morning in November here?  HELLO!  Why would you lock the main employee entrance and make poor little old freezin’ her booty off mwah walk all the way around?  As I walked up the two, count them, two, really tall flights of stairs, I noticed a little bit of glass on them, kept walking anyhow, got to the top, turned the corner and saw this…



Turned the next corner and found this…


Isn’t it cute…

It’s the police report number, and a very broken door handle, complete with fingerprint dust and everything along with a pretty well jammed dead bolt, thank you very much, because apparently some idiots had a very different idea of what TRICK OR TREAT means.  Candy bars, suckers, and popcorn balls are not what they wanted this year, greedy bastards.

Now fortunately, our dead bolt was locked, (we have really important documents in our office) and they didn’t actually get into our office (they did manage to get in to some other offices and made away with a few laptops and cameras)…as a matter of fact neither could I and I had the freakin’ key, but the bolt was bent downward from the crow bar or whatever it is that they used to try to get in and I couldn’t turn it.

I walked myself back down to the main office and told the dilemma to my boss Pat, who replied with…ooooh, let me go see if I can karate kick it open…I giggled.

We walked back down to my office and just as he said, he gave it a swift one, two, karate kick, LOL!  I totally should have video’d this because it was hysterical and also…it didn’t work, so, he tried it again, I laughed some more…the wall moved this time, but not the door, not even an inch.

Making a long story short, they called a locksmith and I was in the office within the next hour, they replaced all of the locks and handles and all was good.  It sure did make for an exciting day though…by the way…does anyone know how to get fingerprint dust off?  It is still all over the door and somehow I managed to get it on my clothes…and when I asked the officer he said, “I just put the stuff on, I don’t know how to get it off.”  Nice.


14 Responses to “Pumpkins and hippies and robbers…OH MY!”

  1. terri Says:

    technically, your kid is on the far RIGHT. (because she’s on my right not my left as I look at the pic.) I just wanted to clarify so everyone would know it’s the BEAUTIFUl brunette who is your kid. I didn’t want there to be any confusion.

  2. mommy2five Says:

    LOL! I will change that!

  3. mommy2five Says:

    Wow! What an idiot I am sometimes! Like I didn’t know which one is my kid or something…

  4. danleone Says:

    I have soooooo much time on my hands, that I just had to write, Gina. I only have 60% of the kids you have and I lose track of them all the time. Luckily, you have special friends, like Terr-ific Terri to keep you centered.

  5. mommy2five Says:

    LOL! Dan, I have waaay too many kids, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! I love them all! And I love Terri also!

  6. BillyWarhol Says:

    oh my gosh thass scary frightening poop Batman*

    especially if they break in + steal puters + docs + stuff*

    Looks like the Kids had a Great Party*


  7. mommy2five Says:

    Hey Billy, the kids did have a blast…and also it is scary to go to the office now.

  8. Sounds like a very eventful Halloween.

    Have no fear though because Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it to add to the chaos.

  9. mauniejames3 Says:

    as long as you know which kid she is..and she is just beautiful by the way
    sounds like a fun time was had by the way the best thing to do with
    that dust is vacuum up what you can…then use a spray, windex is fine and blot it…and don’t dare ask me how I know

  10. Daddy Says:

    Sounds horrific, sorry to hear about your robbers
    perhaps you don’t need to follow these peoples view which are a bit extreme

  11. allyn paul Says:

    I don’t know your boss, but I picture Michael Scott or maybe Dwight Schrute from “The Office” trying to kick that door in, ROFL!!
    I dunno where you work, but if was gonna break into something, it’d be a liquor store and notta paperwork-type place. LOL

  12. Rex Says:

    I don’t know how you manage with 5, I have 3 and can’t begin to stay ahead of them. Great pics of the partys. you girls looked great.

  13. mommy2five Says:

    PrepPond…I am ssooo afraid of Christmas this year, and totally not ready for it!

    Maunie…the Windex didn’t work…and since you peaked my curiostity by saying don’t ask…of course now I want to know…DUH!

    I am with you allyn…liquor store for sure!

    Rex…I don’t know how I do it, I have been at the hockey rink allllldaytoday, since 9:00am, just got home now at 6:00pm and we are leaving to go clean carpets at the oldest’s new place. And also…thanks!

  14. moooooog35 Says:

    The trick is to sand the fingerprints off your hands BEFORE they dust.

    Oh…wait…nevermind…you want to get someone ELSE’S fingerprints off.

    Forget I said anything.

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