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Annoyed, Irritated, and Injured November 8, 2007

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Annoyed, irritated, and injured…

#1 on the docket…ANNOYED

Is it just me? I have a horrible time with people who can’t speak plain and simple English. I think it could possibly be worse than fingernails on a chalkboard…no I am not talking about the typical types of lazy grammar, like using cuz instead of because, or ya instead of you, or even saying yeah for yes, cuz that is just the way of life is these days and also…I am terribly guilty of all of those.  However just this week I have heard “these” horrible things spewed out of the mouths of people who I thought were slightly more intelligent than what they made themselves sound…fyi…I only corrected one of them…he actually argued with me that I.WAS.WRONG…I won in the end…here they are in no particular order…

“I have that wrote down for you.”  (“Are you joking me? What did you just say?” Was my reply to this, invoking the whole argument about what he should have said.)

“That chili got all ate”  (I was at a meeting when this one happened)

“I haven’t aten anything all day” (aten is not even a word!!!  I have heard two separate people use this one, and it has also been followed by “or drankin” once…also not a word)  YIKES!

This was just this week by the “so I thought” smarter people I came in contact with, I certainly didn’t list ANY of the completely ridiculous things that might have been uttered at the local Walmart, we have already been down that road and it is pointless to go there again.

I wasn’t actually going to post the corrected versions of these statements, but now that I think of it…maybe I should…just in case someone actually reads this blog and wanted to use proper grammar as to try not to annoy me if we should ever cross paths in person.  So here they are…

“I have that WRITTEN down for you”

“THE chili has been all EATEN”  or option 2 “The chili was/is all EATEN”  (OMG!)

“I haven’t EATEN (or DRANK) anything all day.” (seriously)

I could go on and on about this as there are many more tainted sentences out there, but I will leave them alone for now.


Why can’t people MERGE onto the freeway???

I cannot possibly begin to tell you how many times a week I have had to dodge someone merging on or off of the freeway…these people are dumb…and they should be shot.

I was just about run over by ANOTHER semi truck (and yes this has already happened to me once.THE.STUPID.IDIOT.ANYHOW.)  Just because you are bigger than anyone else on the road does not give you free reign of the freeway, you have to share it with others who might also be occupying the same space and therefore you should use proper merging techniques, cutting people off is not proper.

Grandma/pa…STEP.ON.IT!!!  You CANNOT merge onto a freeway with vehicles that are going 60mph 75mph, if you are going 20mph when you hit the end of the ramp…it is a proven fact of physics…and stopping before you merge is also out of the question…DUH!

Ummm…hello there stupid idiot, I was watching you come down the ramp waaay toooo fast and adjusted for you because I knew you weren’t even remotely watching to see who might already be in the lane…pay freakin’ attention dumb ass cuz YOU are the one merging in, not me and I don’t want to play the guessing game of whether or not you will choose to slow down or speed up to fit in the 200 car length space after me that was available for you to merge smoothly into had you actually been paying FREAKIN’ ATTENTION!!!…also DUH!!!


I think my job is hazardous and I should quit…

This is just one of the 30 gagillion papercuts I have received at my job so far…and these are medical papers that I deal with and what if there are icky disgusting germs on them from the hospital/clinic people…yuck……cough, cough.


13 Responses to “Annoyed, Irritated, and Injured”

  1. Paper cuts hurt like a bitch!

    You need to start wearing rubber gloves when handling the paperwork. I’d be worried about diseases like aids and whatnot…but that’s just me. Call me paranoid.

  2. Dan Leone Says:

    Ok, I have stared at the photo WAY too long, Gina. Can you tell me precisely what body part is that an image of?

    Sorry, I am not too bright.


  3. BillyWarhol Says:

    LOLLLLLLL i wundered if if talkin’ good ol’ boy talk was irritatering*

    u need skoolin baby i’m not foolin gonna send ya back to skool yeah*

    way way down inside Honey u need*


  4. BobG Says:

    I used to work computer tech support, and more than once I heard:
    “My Microwave Winders is broked…”

  5. mommy2five Says:

    Prep Pond, you have no idea what a germ-a-phobe I am…the gloves are so not a bad idea…for more than one reason. Maybe I should just wear them all of the time…hmm…here’s a little info for you…I will not touch a public restroom door handle with my bare hands, EVER!!

    Dan, after reading the message you left on Terri’s place and now this…I have to ask, did your mind stumble into a gutter lately? Cuz you know there are germs in them there gutters…it’s my HAND silly…where else would I get a paper cut? Just out of curiousity…what did you “think” you were looking at?

    Billy, ummm…I am just not really sure what you are trying to say…did somebody pour some alchohol down your throat or something? on accident maybe?

    BobG, I do understand it’s broked and all but…what exactly might a Microwave Winder be?

    Terri, I am sorry, I can’t go to the mall today…I’m sick…cough, cough!

  6. allyn paul Says:

    Wer da ya live, Alebama? Way dem folk talk around ya seems normal ta muy!

  7. BobG Says:

    “BobG, I do understand it’s broked and all but…what exactly might a Microwave Winder be?”

    Evidently, in some southern states, it is analogous with Microsoft Windows.

  8. Debo Hobo Says:

    Yes, we have lost grasp of the English language in our haste to get where we are going and to say what it is we wish to say. Language is not the only area of shame, just take a look at the pride in a job well done. There isn’t any pride in anything we do anymore. It is terribly unfortunate.

    Great Post!

  9. danleone Says:

    Hello Gina:

    I wasn’t even sure it was a body part, but I definitely wasn’t thinking about hand. Now, I need to scour Terri’s blog to find out what I wrote! I don’t remember.

    At least my head is in the gutter and not my bowling balls!

    Are you planning big things for Terri’s 28th on Monday?

  10. mommy2five Says:

    Thanks Bob for the clarification…I was befuddled! It is all so clear now.

    Debo, don’t even get me started on the laziness of the work force these days…I could go on for days with that one! My husband and I are constantly talking about that issue.

    Dan, yes…BIG PLANS…HUGE…we will be on our way now, (stay tuned I feel a continuation of the Halloween Story coming…update later) I didn’t know that you bowled…Do you bowl? You are referring to real BOWLING BALLS…right?

  11. our door handles broke easily that is why we are now using tempered steel or tempered bronze`.`

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