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A new story in the works… November 10, 2007

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Ya all might want to stay tuned…I feel a new story in the making…It’s two somebody specials BIRTHDAYS!!!  I will give you a hint…one starts with a “T” and the other starts with a “J”.  It could be a good one…


PS  Lol!! Look at my tags, lol!  What was I thinking…that one must have subconciously slipped…oops!  Either that or it’s the pre game beers that I am drinking while I am posting…hmmm.


6 Responses to “A new story in the works…”

  1. Well… Let’s just hope the vehicle was safe this time around?? 🙂
    I’m hoping for a chunk FREE story..
    Thanks for stopping out to Peppers once again… It’s always nice to have you sing a song a two..

  2. danleone Says:

    It is 6AM. The only excuse for not posting pictures yet is that you are STILL out!

    By the way, the Pats are off this week….THERE IS NO GAME!

  3. Rick Says:

    I aint gone but for a few days and you are already plotting again…(yeah baby!!)LOLOLOL!!!

  4. mommy2five Says:

    Oh crapweasel, two Dan’s!

    Camp Dan, great news…no chunks!!! and also, although I am extremely tired…I have no hangover…Yeah me!

    Danleone, I arrived home at 3:00am, slept until 9:00am, that would mean I was sleeping at that hour this morning. And any way, what on earth would there be for me to do at 6:00am?…Don’t answer that.

    Rick, you were gone? Ooops, I…umm…I meant…I missed you! And also, I am always plotting…DUH!

  5. terri Says:

    3:00???? Holy sh*t woman.

  6. Rick Says:

    You really need to switch to decafe…..Shessh..LOL!!

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