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Wow…I am so lazy… November 11, 2007

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Ok, so you’re going to laugh…I think…last night, “D” and “J” picked me up because “T2” was tired and jet lagged from the week in Altanta (which I sorta didn’t tell you all because I was creeped out about telling the internet he was gone for a week and I was home here with five kids by myself and all) so he was taking a little nap and then meeting us all up at Pep’s later.  It was his B-day on Wednesday but he was out of town so we didn’t celebrate it and it is someone else’s B-day today, hence most of the reason why “the crew” was going out to begin with.  So, I had every intention of sitting down at the computer today and writing some fantastic version of last night events…

Well…I am really tired…not hungover, just really, really tired…lazy…and also…the only thing I can remember right now is that at some point during a conversation with “T“, I said Rod Lebster…I only know this because there was a napkin in my pocket that said “I said Rod Lebster”.

Oh, also, I think I found the Unibomber…see…shhhh…he doesn’t know I caugh him on camera…I am so sly like that…

PS “T2” never did get his ass out of bed…we totally celebrated with out him…and also, everybody give a big shout out to “T“, as she turns 29 today!!!


7 Responses to “Wow…I am so lazy…”

  1. terri Says:

    Thanks for the birthday shout-out Homie G! But it’s actually tomorrow, the 12th!

  2. terri Says:

    Oh… and also… I love you for making me 29 again! You rock!

  3. So whats my homie name???

  4. Joe Says:

    Dang, Terri trying to sneak in a birthday without telling everyone? We can have none of that!

  5. mommy2five Says:

    Camp Danny (Dan)…geeze, I guess we are going to have to call you Homie DJ Dawg…DJ Dawg for short…

    elguu, THANKS!

    Joe..she is sneaky isn’t she!

  6. Awww…it looks like the Unibomber needs a hug.

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