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WOW I am SO Stoked! January 12, 2008

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Why haven’t I written? Well, I guess I keep telling myself it is better to put quality words down or nothing at all and if I…A…don’t have time…or B…can’t think straight enough to make sense…then I probably…C…shouldn’t write (never mind the 3:00 am posts…they don’t figure  into this type of logic and could happen at anytime without my actual control).  I have had a ton of things on my mind that have really clouded my rational thinking. My mind always races anyway but somehow now it is worse than ever. Really it has always been that way for me…I am incredibly analytical, always have been, to the point that it even stops me from even getting solid sleep…I mean I sleep…I just don’t actually sleep.  Then I get these really strange tension type headaches that don’t actually hurt they just bother me. When that starts to happen I know that I have to focus harder on trying not to think…about anything. I know…I am weird…you don’t have to tell me.

Does anyone remember when I started this whole thing? I do. My life was simpler…I had five kids all in different activities all of the time and all I did was run around with them, clean the house, do the shopping, the laundry, and run my small but somewhat still busy enough photography business…for the most part. I kept telling myself that I really needed  to start focusing on not being so busy…not having so much to do…learning how to relax was a big thing for me…I don’t relax…ever. I had actually pledged to myself back in September that since the kids were back in school…all full time…I would capitalize on the time by myself during the day and focus on catching up things I had been meaning to do for like ever and start the process of finding ways to relax me…both mentally and physically.

Then one day…my niece called me and asked if I wanted to go to a data entry seminar to work from home. I honestly have to tell you I thought it was a total scam and that there was no possible way that this was for “real”. I was very skeptical, but went to the seminar anyway. Since everything checked out with the company and I felt somewhat secure that it was not a scam I signed up with them to start doing data entry on-line from home at my leisure.  Perfect right? I could work…A…when I wanted to and…B…if I wanted to…from home. Three days after I got my passwords to begin the work at home process the guy that runs the “at home” department of the company called and asked if I could come into the office. I said I could and by the end of the day…I had a job! Part time…but a job nonetheless…for the first time in 18 years.

Well…that was the day my life took an incredible turn…in a direction…I am still not sure which direction…I think I am dizzy…but am definitely going in a direction….spinning really…yeah…really dizzy.

Here is a list of things I think about daily(and in most cases nightly…and also yes…while I “sleep”)…

~How is it that people with terrible work ethics can manage to get paid lots of money per hour to work harder at doing less work than just doing the work that needs to be done in an efficient manner?

~Why are some people just incapable of doing a good job…even if it’s just removing a friggin’ staple from a friggin’ piece of paper?

~What the hell takes some people 30 minutes longer to drive from point A to point B and back than the same drive takes other people?

~When all there is about a job is just to come in and do it…no managing, no worrying, no nothing, just do the job…what the hell is so stressful about it?

~Why do some people complain obsessively about nothing?

~If your boss asks you to dress for success because there are clients coming in and they would like everyone to look professional for that particular day…what the heck?  Just do it! You don’t have to dress up the rest of the friggin’ time what is the problem? And just an FYI for you…black jeans DO NOT qualify as dress pants…and no…I don’t care if they are new or not.

~Wow! Do the owners know that if you have approximately 1.5 hours worth of work to do you can manage to make it last for at least 4 hours just so you can draw a bigger paycheck…I am still thinking that there is some sort of talent involoved in this technique.  And just another FYI for ya, that is in my humble opinion…STEALING!

~When you get to work at 8:30 am and you know you have to leave at 11:30 am to go do the point A to point B and back thing (remember that point A to point B thing that takes you an extra half hour longer than it should? You could totally smoke like three extra heaters on that run)…one cigarette break in three hours is not in my opinion necessary and two is completely out of the friggin’ question…geeze.

~OH MY GAWD!!! They totally are giving me the new supervisor position at the new place we are moving to in like 2 weeks or less and you two “been there for five whole months longer than me superdy duperdy lllaaazzzyyy ass pieces of crap” are going to have to start following my rules or get out and oh my gawd I could pee myself (except that would be gross and stuff and you know how I don’t like germs and stuff) and OH.MY.GAWD.THEY.ARE.MAKING.ME.THE.NEW.SUPERVISOR!!! and also I think they said something about paying me more money or something but everything went kinda foggy after the whole “You’re going to be the new supervisor” thing and all.

~Oh my gosh I have to check the hockey schedule in the morning…don’t forget to check the hockey schedule in the morning. (This one runs through my head way too much.)

So you see…my head is full of all kinds of stuff and I have had a ton of things on my mind mostly because I didn’t know if the big guys at work knew or not what was going on in our little office away from the big office. The whole thing about people with poor work ethics has always bothered me even before I had a real job and had to deal with it first hand. I am not very tolerable of people who think that someone always owes them something. That mentality makes me crazy and that is what these two coworkers of mine are like. Don’t even worry about the fact that they work as little as possible to get as much money as possible and then think that they deserve some sort of recognition for it. The one actually thinks that she is already my boss and I think she is certain she is going to be offered the supervisor position and won’t she be surprised when she finds out that that is sooo far from reality…I so can’t wait. I just found all of this out on Thursday and they haven’t exactly told these other two yahoos yet and I so hope they tell them when I am not there and it would be really rockstar if they would just get really angry and quit cuz that would be best I think…for all of us involved…especially me.

Well, anyhow…my hubby is waiting very patiently for me to go get ready to go out on our date and I am not exactly ready yet…so I guess I have to go now…

PS I don’t have time to proofread and really shouldn’t hit publish but I am going to anyway because I don’t want to get yelled at anymore for not posting and also…geeze I hope I made some sort of sense?

No Terri…we haven’t been using my new laptop for that…yet.


2 Responses to “WOW I am SO Stoked!”

  1. Hey did you know you were going to be the new supervisor? he he

  2. territerri Says:

    You call that an excuse for not blogging? JK… you know I love ya.

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