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Have you EVER? January 31, 2008

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Ok, so I feel somewhat like a complete and total moron most days lately…here is what I have done in the last week…feel free to sympathise on the basis that you have done some of these same things…

As I am talking to my aunt on the phone trying to get out the door to go to work all the while frantically searching for my damn CELL PHONE…scrambling around the house in and out of the truck…down to my office and back upstairs…into my bedroom out to the kitchen…back to my bedroom and then on to my bathroom…all the while talking to my aunt…on my FRIGGIN’ CELL PHONE…searching…searching…as she says…and I quote…”what the heck are you looking for?”…I say…”My Friggin’ cell phone”…she says…”The one you are talking to me on?”…I say…”Aahh Efen-A!!…What the hell was I thinking?” There went 20 solid minutes of my life.

I get up…get ready for work…start the truck…put on my coat, gloves, and glasses…scoop up my cup of coffee, laptop, purse…and start my frantic search for the…you know the ones…that I already.started.the.damn.truck.with? Another 20 solid minutes out of my life.

Driving along down the freeway on my way back to my office…clearly my mind is in a fog until…suddenly I realize I have passed my exit and I am almost to the bridge that goes directly to my house…have to take the cloverleaf back the other direction on the freeway and back track my sorry ass to my office where I was originally going…not only another 20 minutes out of my life…but about $6.00 extra out of my damn pocket considering the awesome gas mileage my rockstar Lincoln SUV gets.

Go to Beauty Mart to specifically buy some supplies for the secret project…walked out with numerous other items that in no way involve the secret project…and didn’t purchase the originally planned and also very necessary items. Went back the next day and the damn door was locked at 7:49 pm…they aren’t suppose to close until 8:00 pm…needless to say this time I was really really pisster. 11 minutes? I can totally understand 2-3 minutes before 8:00 pm…but hell no not 11 whole minutes…What the eff? I am so going to go there when the manager is there and tattle on the damn lazy ass that closed the door 11.whole.minutes.early. Doesn’t she know how badly I needed those items? I mean it’s the weekend…DUH!

In all seriousness…my brain is fried…I never knew this whole having a full time job and trying to keep up with these kids and their sports and the regular stuff like making an actual meal for supper, doing the laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc…would be such a challenge. I almost took a picture of the laundry room for you all…it’s been bad before…but this was completely out of control…OH MY GOODNESS…what the hell blew up in here? Did the laundry mate while I was at work today? It was like that episode of Star Trek when the Tribbles multiplied…no really… no joke…but thought twice about the picture thing because I didn’t want to scare anyone. I have just about got it under control now but it wasn’t easy.

In the midst of trying to keep things somewhat under control at home and completely furnishing and setting up a whole new office space for my department at work I also attended 3 funerals and 2 wakes since last Saturday.  I am totally funeral-ed out so no more damn dying anyone…GOT IT? I am a member of my daughter who plays varsity hockey’s Redline club…it’s the club that funds all of the extra activities and special things the girls do throughout the season…I love to be involved with these associations, it keeps us involved with our kids and the community and I have also made a ton of really awesome friends…so anyhooo…the big spaghetti fundraiser was on Saturday last weekend which clearly meant that we had to cook the sauce on Thursday night (I thought they said get sauced so of course I showed up) did you know that it takes until 1:00 am to make spaghetti sauce for 600 people? What? Well it did…then on Friday night after the hockey game got over with we had to go and cook the noodles…until…you guessed it…1:00 am…then I promptly got up at six.friggen.forty.five. in the friggen morning on Saturday to go to the Band Backers breakfast fundraiser for our lovably nerdy middle daughter and then off to the VFW again for the actual spaghetti dinner fundraiser…I arrived home after an entire day of drinking at the VFW and then meeting up with my bestest buddy and her husband (and of courseHomie DJ DAWG himself) for a couple of drinks at Sargeant Peppers…I think I arrived home at approximately 12:3o am-ish….and yes just in case you were wondering I was exhausted and extremely hung over on Sunday. Thanks for asking…

The good news…I also belong to the volunteer committee for Fastpitch Softball…Saturday is the taco feed and meat raffle fundraiser…I am totally planning another hangover this Sunday…does anyone have a problem with that? Yep…I didn’t think so…


10 Responses to “Have you EVER?”

  1. terri Says:

    Then I will forgive you for not being available for me yesterday.

  2. Dan Says:

    Damn I need a nap after that…. I was nice seeing you on Saturday night…
    I miss you all already…
    Where is the Taco Feed on Saturday??? Maybe I’ll stop by for some taco’s???? Drop me a line…

  3. BobG Says:

    You’re lucky you didn’t get any gray hair and wrinkles over the past couple of weeks sounds like you’re burning the candle at both ends, and starting on the middle.

  4. mommy2five Says:

    Of course I would log on and look at my blog at almost 2:00 am…why not?

    Terri…my bestest buddy in the whole wide world…I am so sorry I wasn’t at your disposal Thursday…just remember I need you as much as you need me…

    Dan…VFW-12:00 pm until 4:00 pm South Saint Paul post 295 on Concord…be there or be square…PS buy lots of meat raffles…PLEASE!!!

    Bob…do I exhaust you? I am sorry…I do have a grey hair…I pulled it out and set it on the bathroom counter…I know…sick and really wrong…

  5. BobG Says:

    I don’t get exhausted easily anymore; but I do worry about other people burning out early.

  6. Joe Says:

    It’s been almost two weeks now since an update, I wonder if this post wore her out and she’s still napping…

  7. mommy2five Says:

    Honestly Joe…the post didn’t wear me out, but this job is taking me down!…and hockey season…but that is almost over, YEAH!

  8. intrepid Says:

    I feel your pain! You’ve got a lot going on…. Enjoy your hangover. Have one for me too!

  9. Mike Says:

    I’ve done all of the above. Don’t feel bad. 🙂

  10. NomadView Says:

    I have done many of those things.. and some worse, (but I “choose” to forget them.) Without trying to be a smarty pants, I can make a suggestion. Two things that can help me when thinking about every second is just not possible- and it sure sounds like you have your hands full. Routine and organization. Yeah, yeah I know.. but having a special place- without exception- for certain things can be a lifesaver. Example. My father made a cheesy looking key shaped key holder that hangs by the door. Whenever I go out, this is where I can find my keys. The cell phone, the remote, Mp3 player all have a home. And GOD forbid if they wander!!
    Also about five minutes before I go out, I begin the collection process. Collecting everything I need and putting it on the table near the door. That seems to help for some reason.

    Does it work every time? No. But most of the time. And then again, some days, gremlins come in through my imaginary kitty door and I will be darned if I can find ANYTHING!!

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