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Aging will not kick my ASS! February 24, 2008

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So yesterday marked the joyous event of my 29th…oops…39th birthday. Thanks to my homegirl “T“, it was an extra special night of eating, drinking (duh), crawling through small spaces, and bowling fun! However, either I drank waaay too much or my age is getting the best of me. I don’t feel any “older” I just feel like shit.  You see it seems as though I never learn my lesson when it comes to knowing when too many is just too many. “T” and “M” went home around midnight last night (I think)…I…on the other hand, trotted my sorry behind down to meet up with Jen at the local shit watering hole to continue on with my birthday festivities…until 2:00 am. And let’s not stop there…why wouldn’t Jen and I go to the truck stop and have breakfast? I was already up and getting hungry and we haven’t really hung out alone for a long, long time so it was a good time for a quality chit chat catchup session and a bunch of giggling because we are really mature like that. I finally made it home around 3:45 am and that brings me to now…I am so tired. I don’t actually think that I drank that much considering the amount of time I was out, and I never really felt like I was seriously buzzing…so I am drawing the conclusion that maybe it is the serious lack of sleep my body is retaliating to…not so much the alcohol consumption factor. Let’s face it old people need a lot of sleep…right?

Hold on a second…too much coffee…I have to pee…

K…I am back…

I think that every birthday should be for two days…the first day is for the partying part and the second day is for the recovery part…sound fair? I thought you would see it my way. So for the rest of today I think I am going to lounge a little and then go meet up with “T” to chat it up over a cup of Starbucks and…try to regain my youth.


11 Responses to “Aging will not kick my ASS!”

  1. territerri Says:

    It’s definitely the lack of sleep. You? Drink too much? Nahhhhhhhhh….. It’s not like there was a 2:00 am spontaneous trip to Sex World. Just some good, clean, crawling through small spaces fun! See you at Starbucks!

  2. mommy2five Says:

    LOL! You are a stinker…I spent the whole day with you and you didn’t say a word. BTW thanks for the awesome day…I had a blast!

  3. terri Says:

    Yeah, that WAS awesome. We needed that!

  4. Joe Says:

    I forgot to ask on Terri’s site: Was that your butt or hers that I complimented? 🙂

  5. BobG Says:

    I think that was Gina’s butt. Judging by it, I would have put her age a lot younger.

  6. mommy2five Says:

    Lol! Thanks Joe…and Bob…I think! Bob…are you saying my butt actually makes me look younger?

  7. BobG Says:

    I’ve seen younger women who don’t look as good; consider it a definite compliment from an old guy who has seen a fair share of bottoms.

  8. Dan Says:

    Happy Birthday Homie G!!!!!
    Please come see me soon…. I miss you…

  9. Brianne H. Says:

    #1: I also have five kids. 😉 we should start a hot moms of five kids club.
    #2: I also love to drink beer. wish we could drink beer and escape our kids together! haha

    have a great week!

  10. mommy2five Says:

    Hey Brianne…
    I have a friend who also has five kids…she has 4 boys and a girl, the last two were a set of boy/girl twins…she is one of the Charlies Angels from my Halloween post.
    Even though Terri only has 3 kids she is still a Hot Mommy! We should all take a Hot Mommy trip somewhere kidless and husbandless!
    Oooo the more I type this the more I am really liking this idea…

  11. Vern Bussy Says:

    I will be coming here once again…Nice blog

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