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Language barrier no longer… March 3, 2008

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I think I am getting the hang of this new kind of slang gangsta talkity speak…

I thought a brick was something bricklayers used to make buildings, and houses, and shit, turns out it means that it is “cold”…as in “Turn up the heat, it’s brick in here!” I also thought “biscuits” were something you ate…it now means your shoes are old and dirty, however not to be mistaken for “kicks” which are shiny new shoes.

“Bling” is no longer a sound effect(not to be mistaken for affect) but rather shiny gold jewelry…but on the flip side of that we now wear “ice” which are diamonds instead of putting it in a glass of soda and such. “I am going to jam”…make an exit…not, have jam…on my toast.

We use to cook on the grill now a “grill” is your teeth, with or without braces, some people even purchase new “grills” made out of “bling” and or “ice”…sweet! which actually used to mean something tasted as such but now means that is really cool not to be mistaken as cold because that would be “brick” and not so much awesome!…

If you are “baggin'” you are actually out prowling for a “piece of ass”…not a donkey…and also…not putting your groceries in a bag at the grocery store. “Bangin'” is not what you do on a door anymore but rather what you do with the “Betty” (Betty=hot chick) you “scored” when you were out “baggin”.

If somebody tells you you are a “beast” at something…don’t take offense…it means you are really good at what you are doing…not that you are ugly. Want some extra “cheddar”? You should…I do…it now means money…not a type of cheese.

“Easy” doesn’t mean something is easy to do…or someone is “easy” like we use to say…you now utilize it to mean “I’ll see you later…good bye!”

You’ll be singing a new song with this…Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-la…”la la” is actually marijuana, as well as, “leaf”, “lye”, “piff”, “tree”, and “spliff”.

“Sick” is a good thing as well as “ill”…”weak” is a bad thing…a “whip” is a car…and “word” means “that’s right!”

To “twist” interestingly enough means to have sex not to be confused with being “twisted”…then you are just really drunk or stoned…nothing to do with the original meaning of the word…being tangled!

Anyway I gotta jet…so catch you on the D-L…until then…I will just be chillaxin with my goons on my ba dink a dink…not to be mistaken for ba donk a donk…Easy!

P.S. A “ba dink a dink” is a small skinny chicks butt…whereas a “ba donk a donk” is an…umm…well….you know.


12 Responses to “Language barrier no longer…”

  1. Winslie Gomez Says:

    can old farts use it as well?

  2. mommy2five Says:

    Go for it Winslie G!!!

  3. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle.

    We are all so geeked about your sick ba dink a dink. Most 39 year olds have long graduated to having a wack ba donk a donk.

    You have got this on lockdown…I am going to marinate on it for a while.

    (12 years on construction site keeps me hip…not!)

  4. dan leone Says:

    My one goal every day is to be smarter than I was the day before….at 5:30AM, your goal accomplished that.

    BUT, I still don’t know what a “lunchbox” is!

    Have fun and say hi to Double T.

  5. mommy2five Says:

    Morethananelectrician…thanks for the sick compliment…Easy!

    Terri…you are always a woman of so many sick words…

    Dan…I have told you before…anything I can do to make your day brighter and more fulfilled…and also…”a lunchbox”…you know…like you put a sandwich in…duh…why? What were you thinking?

  6. Red Says:

    D’oh! I think I’ll stick with COOL. That’s my answer for damn near anything.

  7. Joe Says:


    Oh wait. Nevermind…

  8. Darrin Says:

    Radical slang dictionary! errrr.. Totally Awesome I mean. =^D

    Found you through Terri, and I love your blog!

  9. Edge Says:

    Fo shizzle my rizzle!


  10. Candid Says:

    I have a ba donk a donk. Word.

  11. Mike Says:

    LOL – I’m 24 and I still have no clue what they’re saying half the time. I’m not supposed to feel old yet!!

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