Life’s short…

About September 17, 2007

ME…well a little bit of crazy mixed in with a lot of rational, a side of smiles and a dash of silly, a cup or two of anal retentiveness, a touch of sarcasm (maybe a little bit more than that), and lots of love, stir it all together and you get ME! 

I have five awesome kids and one awesome hubby! 

I am a photographer by trade, but my main job is taking care of my family…my very crazy family!  Ok so the family isn’t that crazy, but the life sure is!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. FIVE???????????? How do you do it?

    Nice beginnings to a blog here.

  2. Homie DJ Says:

    Hey girl… Give me a call.. I miss you..

    Homie DJ

  3. mommypie Says:

    Just found you — love your blog. And I’m with Blandly … FIVE????? Wow.

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