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I’ve been MEME’d! October 19, 2007

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Ok, so it appears that my BFF has tagged me on  some meme thingy…which I have no idea what a meme is or what it stands for, for I am a rookie at this whole blogging thing.  I did figure out thought that I am suppose to copy my desktop here for all to see…I bet (since I am a photographer kind of person and all) that everyone would expect to see some beautiful photograph of something really cool or something here?  Well, guess what!  I have NEVER had anything other than the regular old thingy that shows up when you turn on the computer as my wallpaper. It’s not that I don’t know how…it is however that I am incredibly lazy when it comes to that sort of thing and have just never cared.  But behold!   Look at all of my pretty, pretty icons on my desktops, yes I have two screens, because I am totally techy like that!  So there, I did it, and because I have like two friends on here and don’t really know anyone else…yet…and the two people that I do know already did it…I will just tag anyone who wants to do it and you can let me know if and when you did…how does that sound?   If you need the directions on how to take a screenshot you can go here and T will show you the way.