Life’s short…

Feeling a little bloggy today… October 19, 2007

Well…since Terri and Joe think that I have been neglecting my blog… I decided to be all bloggy on my day off and overload you all!  You can totally always count on me to be nice like that.  So without further adoooo…A WEEK IN REVIEW…It started out last Saturday morning when for the first time in months I had not woken up from a bad dream about my childhood (aka nutjob mother…elaboration coming someday…maybe) but instead I had dreamt that my home office was this really calm and fun place to work in…so duh…I went to Menards and bought paint…

This is what it looked like before (well after I asked my really awesome hubby if A, he would help me move everything out of my office)


(And 2, if he cared that I paint my office PINK)


Isn’t it cool?  I love it!  It’s like I am shopping at Vickie’s all day long!


Then off to meet the BFF and “company” at the bar of course

There was some of this…


And a little of that…


And maybe some of this…


OOOOh how I love the whole payback thing!  LOL!

We had some serious fun that night.

And sorry Joe…we forgot to take the pic you requested, will this do?


I only had to work at the office two days this week, so on my days off I keyed at home in my pretty pretty new office, went through the 4 gagillion penis enlargement emails (which I graciously forwarded onto some my friends that I thought were maybe in need of something like that, because..duh…I don’t have a penis of my own and I am also nice like that), met with a couple of customers, worked on photo orders, went to conferences for 4 of the 5 of my superduperdeedoo chicklets, and tried to find space for all of the leftover crap from my office that I have no idea what to do with…


Not happening…

Did I mention the Amazing Rock Incident?


That’s right, you heard me…it appears there is this amazing rock that can totally jump some 15 feet in the’s self.


No really…look!


This happened last week Thursday night, when I was busy in my still olive drab office.  My son came down to my office and said, and I quote, “the window is broken”…not “I broke the window”…but rather, “the window is broken”…I asked…”How did the window get broken?”  and he simply replied with…”this rock rolled across the sidewalk and it took a bad hop up and hit the window”…I then said…”how does a rock just take a bad hop up and hit the window hard enough to break it?”…he said…”I don’t know, it just did.”…that is almost the end of the story, I will keep the events that occurred after to myself…yes he IS still alive today.


Blogging hiatus…over October 9, 2007

So it seems as though I went on a blogging hiatus this week?  Well, here is what happened…

A few weeks ago, I had gone to a seminar for keying online (data entry) with my niece.  I thought it would be nice to have a little extra cash once in a while and I could do it when I had extra time, no pressure.  I have been doing that at least a little everyday since then and I enjoy it, it’s a quiet, no pressure, kind of deal.  You only get paid when you work and you only work when you want to.  Great deal for me!  Eugene is the supervisor of this online deal and has been a wonderful support system.

Wednesday morning:

I had just gotten the two little ones off to school and was putting a load of laundry in the (bitch)washer, the phone rang, it was 8:20am, I answered:


Hi Gina, this is Eugene, I was wondering if you could come into the office today to help us out, are you busy?

Umm, no, I was just going to try to put my house together today…but it can wait.

Well could you be here…soon?

How soon, I need to shower, and what would I need to wear?

Whatever, just “look good”.

Oookaaay?  I should be able to get there by 9:30-ish.

Great, we’ll see you then!

So, I showered, put on my best pair of Express dress pants, Express cami, and Express sweater, and off I went…to the office. Which is where my story actually begins…

Upon arriving I was sat in a chair at a desk, all that was said was “sit here and look busy, we have some potential clients coming in and the girl that works in this position isn’t here today because she hit her head on the garage door”?

I immediately thought to myself, she is obviously dodging work today, who hits their head on a garage door and then can’t possibly make it into to work?  Sounded fishy to me. As the day progressed, (and they actually did give me something to do, other than just looking good), I had jokingly made the comment that if “garage door” chick didn’t want to show up to work reliably, I would do it.  Two hours later they received an email from “garage door” chick…she quit…I was hired…

And so, as the story goes, I am now officially a working class citizen after being a stay at homer for somewhere around 18 years, it feels weird and I am trying to adjust since I was in no way prepared to run off and work, at a real job, and my house is still not in order and my time has been monopolized by working during the day and running the kids at night, and also finishing photo orders and shooting sittings, and the house is still a mess, did I mention that one already?  I will get it together, it’s just going to take some time, and a lot more effort than I am used to.  I will try harder to post more than this though, just give me time…just give me time…(that was quite possibly the longest run on sentence in the history of the Life’s short…blog eva!)

P.S.  I can totally wear my Victoria’s Secret Team Pink across the ass sweat pants to work all I want…BONUS!